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Enjoy Your Balloons - Balloon "CARE" and tips


Balloons Can Pop:

Change of temperature, movement, air conditioning, lights, paint textures, irregular surfaces, trees and plants, even static can pop balloons. If you are planning on placing your balloons on a ceiling, ensure that you test it first. We use the highest quality balloons …

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creating a theme for your event


When it comes to planning an event nothing makes your job easier than to have a great theme up your sleeve.

Themes can create a "buzz" for your guests prior to the event.

Be it a conference,product launch,party or Wedding,always keep in mind your theme needs to be appropriate to yo…

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Balloons are probably the most classic party and event decor ever, but we’re taking balloon decor to the next level

Customising balloons with vinyl has revolutionised the balloon industry

Write a message or special quote,add a name or even a "nickname" special age …

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promote your business - balloon it !

Balloons are a great way to advertise and promote your business

Balloons attract attention and bring smiles

When your logo or slogan and the use of your business or corportate colours are used balloons become an effective marketing tool that works for your business 24 hours a day

Not on…

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marvelous metallics


We all love luxury

Popular since the 1930's and reserved for Hollywood Starlets - Metallics such as gold ,silver , bronze, copper and rose gold are all "on - trend" decorating colours for 2020-2021

Keeping colours close to nature and the ever on - trend Boho chic eclectic touch are a…

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Balloon Garlands - the versatile air filled decorating tool


It is not at all surprising that "balloon garlands" are super popular in balloon decor right now

They are such a versatile air filled decorating tool

With so many amazing colours,sizes and finishes available there is great opportunity to make a big impact that can be installed easily to …

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