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Balloon Garlands - the versatile air filled decorating tool


It is not at all surprising that "balloon garlands" are super popular in balloon decor right now

They are such a versatile air filled decorating tool

With so many amazing colours,sizes and finishes available there is great opportunity to make a big impact that can be installed easily to your building facade,retail window space or to highlight in store displays

They can be draped over shop displays,hung from ceilings and curtain fittings and hooked onto 3M Command strips and hooks without damage to surfaces or even attached to "balloon stands" that can be supplied by Every Special Moment

Being air filled latex balloons they are long lasting and very light weight 

*New Product launches

*Promotions and Sales

*Special events/dates

*Corporate functions and Conferences

*Celebrations and special events

Due to fluctuations of supply and demand for helium, the balloon industry is decreasing its reliance on helium by increasing our use of air-filled designs

At Every Special Moment I am already reducing my helium consumption by stopping balloon releases,this is environmentally and economically responsible and by promoting services such as "balloon garlands" we are encouraging our clients to do the same and always leave them with instructions to "pin it and bin it" when their celebration is over


The N.S.W Government banned the mass release of balloons in 1999.The state of N.S.W is the only Australian state that has adopted this legislation  

The fact remains that released balloons do create litter. We encourage all our Clients to please dispose of their balloons in a thoughtful way

“Pin it and Bin it”

Unfortunately some do not do this, and they simply release the balloons outside with no regard to where they may end up

The N.S.W legislation has a loophole that allows for the sale of 19 balloons for release into the atmosphere. This loophole has been used by balloons suppliers when people have requested this for funerals and commemorative services

In supplying this service in the past we always used biodegradable latex balloons, no clips and bio degradable ribbon,however Every Special Moment in good conscience, no longer provides this service.The issue of balloon litter is a major concern and we do not want to be the cause of inadvertently harming any animal through ingestion of balloon fragment or entanglement

Every Special Moment has joined PEBA – Pro Environment Balloon Alliance

Please go to to see a full listing of the Alliance’s objectives

Every Special Moment embraces all objectives of PEBA and will abide by all the guidelines

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