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helium latex balloons


Latex Helium filled Balloons 30cm+ should float for 16+ hours in favourable conditions

Helium filled latex balloons are affected by exposure to heat/transport conditions/sharp and rough surfaces/movement such as wind and air conditioning and rain

*Due to the sensitive nature of helium filled latex balloons we can only guarantee latex balloons on day of purchase.

ULTRA HI-FLOAT BALLOON TREATMENT : Balloon "float time" can be extended by the use of "Ultra Hi - Float" balloon treatment

Balloon bouquets and balloons needed over an extended time frame can be treated to extend the float time by *a number of days

All our foil/latex Deluxe Balloon Bouquets are treated with Ultra Hi - Float

All other latex balloons can be treated on request at an additional cost 

confetti balloons

PAPER CONFETTI COLOURS AVAILABLE - multi coloured/white/light pink/magenta/light blue/dark blue/silver/gold

N.B: We do not use "Hi - Float" in balloons filled with paper confetti

When your balloons are filled a "static" will cause the paper confetti to cling to the sides of the balloon.

The paper confetti will fall to the bottom gradually and you can then give the balloon a little shake or gently rub the sides of the balloon to get a "static" reaction again

This will depend on temperature conditions and results will vary greatly

METALLIC CONFETTI COLOURS AVAILABLE - silver/gold/rose gold/magenta/blue/assorted

N.B: "Hi - Float" is always used with Metallic Confetti (unless you request that you want confetti to sit in base of balloon)

The addition of Hi - Float enables the inside of the balloon to become sticky and the confetti will adhere to the sides.

The amount of confetti will vary according to the size of the balloon chosen due to weight/float ratio

We only use balloons 45cm+ in size when adding confetti 

the environment

Pro Environment Balloon Alliance "PEBA" assists Members to educate their clients ,venue Managers and the general Public in the responsible use and correct disposal of balloons through "Don't let it go" and "Pin it & Bin it" campaigns

As proud Members Every Special Moment embraces all objectives of "PEBA" and will abide by all the guidelines